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    A textile group, specialising in fashion distribution

    In 2021, the Beaumanoir Group will have over 1680 shops worldwide.

    The performance of the different brands in our textile group is among the best in the market and makes our Groupe Beaumanoir a specialist in fashion distribution. More than 7 000 staff fly our flag every day.
    Our development prospects are extremely strong, but we must remain far-sighted.


    We will forge links with new affiliated partners, branch networks and suppliers.

    The wealth of information that we give out and receive accelerates in a phenomenal way our ability to judge and decide. For all that, human contact is just as valuable as ever in our commercial activities.
    “I like to remind all our staff that what we have achieved up to now corresponds to the words “proximity”, “humility” and “respect”.” Roland BEAUMANOIR, President
    Our ambition is to develop relevant distribution networks, modern and profitable, in particular through mastering distribution techniques.

    We have the trading spirit. We are a group of customer-oriented traders in the service of other traders.

    In 2021, we will continue our digital and omnichannel transformation and assert ourselves even more as a company at the service of its partners, responding to the needs and expectations of its customers.

    With its remarkable growth in turnover (1.1 billion euros), Groupe Beaumanoir  has shown the relevance of its model, and this in a context of economic crisis.

    Every day, the C-Log subsidiary dispatches more than 300 000 items to more than 1 680 stores. With 30 years of experience and constructive and modern analysis, we are constantly optimising the match between our fashion offer and the demands of the target customer.

    From our home base in Saint-Malo to the gateway to Asia in Shanghai, we dress women in the colours of our brands: Cache CacheBréalScottageMorgan and both men and women for Bonobo


    Our growth is based on a know-how that supports our ambitions.

    We work in 3 areas that are complementary to selling ready-to-wear

    • Distribution of store brands (4 brands, 40 countries, 1 680 stores (end february 2021))
    • International multi-channel and multi-brand logistics with C-Log
    • E-business, Internet, Customer Relationship Management with Korben





    Groupe Beaumanoir structures its management around 7 key values, which define its responsibility to its customers, its staff and its partners.

    The trading spirit

    • The trading spirit makes up our DNA and guides all our actions. Every day we use our skills to satisfy our customers and to live the entrepreneurial spirit within us: to meet new challenges, to think outside the box and to be a driving force for initiative is our raison d’être.


    • Humility is a strong human value within Groupe Beaumanoir. Openness to others, the ability to question ourselves and the desire to improve our practices are an important guarantee of the sustainability of the company.


    • Proximity is the key to building solid and lasting relationships with our employees, our customers and our suppliers. We are convinced that only by being close to our partners can we understand needs, meet expectations, gain mutual confidence and benefit from shared experience.


    • Respect is a pledge of acceptance of people’s diversity, of adapting to different cultures, as well as of rigour with respect to our rules and our good practices.


    • Responsiveness is a necessity and a strength in a constantly changing market. The group’s organisation is based on speed in the identification of new ideas, in making decisions, and in putting them into action.


    • The passion for our business, our enthusiasm, “the pleasure of winning together”: this is what drives us. By joining Groupe Beaumanoir, you become part of the “CLAN”!


    • Progress, technical and human, is what each one of us contributes actively. By entrusting our employees with real responsibilities and relying on a permanent acquisition of knowledge, we build dynamic organisations that are projected towards the future.