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  • The Group maintains a very sustained pace of recruitment in order to support the growth of its activities.

    Since the 1st store opening in 1985 we have been through a rich and intense journey, with employees who each day face important challenges in order to contribute to our development. For them, Groupe Beaumanoir builds and directs a policy of dialogue and progress respecting everyone's rights and responsibilities.

    Today more than 14 000 staff fly the flag for Groupe Beaumanoir, of which nearly 1200 are at the head office and with C-Log, shaping the face of the company through the seriousness of their work and through their involvement.

    Our group, with its different brands, can respond to the most ambitious projects!

    J. Beaumanoir
    HR Director

    A few words from our staff

    The career path of Stéphanie

    After my financial studies, including a year spent in Ireland to validate my diploma, I decided to start my career in the distribution sector in Dublin, in credit management. This experience allowed me to develop a certain capacity for adaptability, but also a sense of the trading spirit through financial analysis and discussions with the leaders of the business. On my return to France, I was contacted by my school for a vacant position in Saint Malo; the next day I was in an interview for a management controller position for Groupe Beaumanoir, with the main task of putting in place the budget process for the group and management tools to help the operations team in their decision making.
    Two days after the interview, I joined the group with the wish to discover the sector of activity and meet all the challenges! Over all these years, my responsibilities and tasks have been very
    varied and rich, in a context where the group is in constant development and change, with many new points of sale, new development models, our first steps in China, then in Europe, several brand acquisitions (notably Morgan in 2009), organisational changes… each change has required adaptations to the financial organisation and to my teams, with a strong link with all the actors in the company, in a spirit of conquest and taking initiatives! My various major missions in recent years have included: management control of group activities with the organisation of the department to support group development (recruitment of the first management controllers for the brands developed, putting in place the group’s key management tools, the reorganisation of the department from being centralised to becoming decentralised for each activity (financial and management control teams for the brands), participation in external acquisitions (Bréal, Scottage, Morgan), accompanying the setting up of new foreign subsidiaries (from the business plan through to support for local teams for implementing the budget process, reporting…), recent interim management missions in the post of finance manager for Bréal and group financial management over several months and participation in the setting up of SAP finance and management control for France.
    What I remember from these years and what inspires me in everyday life: the values of the group, essential in our ability to support and accompany the teams, everyone’s entrepreneurial spirit, the team spirit and the skills of the people who make up the group. It is difficult to summarise easily what I have experienced these last years but it is an extraordinary adventure, above all at the human level, and I am always happy to meet new challenges!

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    Deputy Finance Director
    The career path of Jeremy

    I had the opportunity to join Groupe Beaumanoir in the framework of a Masters in Network and Franchise Management, undertaken as a sandwich course. During my work experience I was able to discover the different tasks within the Development and Affiliation Department. Following my internship, the group offered me a position as Development Officer for the Bonobo brand. Reporting to the Development Director, I was responsible for the brand development plan, in accordance with its strategy.
    The main tasks for a development officer in the group are: the search for new expansion projects by identifying the sites to be prospected, by managing relationships with real estate professionals and collecting and analysing Affiliates’ projects; encouraging development of the group’s partners by developing and cultivating close relations with the affiliates; the search for new partners; cost-benefit analysis of projects; negotiation of rental conditions and technical elements with intermediaries in the profession and management of the store portfolio (transfers, closures, renegotiation of rents…). While continuing the development of Bonobo, the group entrusted me in 2012 with the development of the Morgan brand.
    In 2014, I was promoted to Development Manager France for all the brands, to support the transformation of our store portfolio, and in particular the development of the VIB’S concept. For this I am supported by two development officers.
    In 2016, the group again renewed its confidence in me, by appointing me Development and Affiliation Director. For 8 years now I have had the chance to participate in the development of the group’s brands, a job made exciting by the diversity of the tasks and the contacts. In particular, it is extremely motivating to participate in the performance of the development projects of our trading partners.


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    Development and Affiliation Director