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  • Because a company cannot exist without its employees, we are working to help the men and women who shape our Group to grow and want to get involved with us. Our responsibility as an employer embodies strong values of humility, respect and responsiveness, and drives us to have an effective and caring social policy that meets the expectations of our employees.

    Talent development

    Faced with the rapid changes currently taking place in the fashion industry, we have to be careful to retain our employees, attract new talent and ensure that everyone’s skills are developed throughout their career. Our Human Resources policy pursues this ambition. In particular, it is based on innovative recruitment methods, training tailored to individual needs, recruitment on permanent contracts and a career management system that encourages internal mobility.


    of permanent employment contracts*


    Getting young people into work

    Getting new graduates into the workplace is a major challenge. Bringing young people into the workforce has always been a key ambition for the Group, as our age pyramid shows.
    As a learning organisation, the Group has forged partnerships with a number of schools in France that are experts in their fields, to identify the talents of tomorrow. Every year, we also open up a large number of positions to young people looking for work experience or sandwich courses, with the aim of integrating them at the end of this period.


    of employees are under 35*


    of employees on work-study contracts until 2024*


    Integration of people with disabilities into the workplace

    Our Group has signed an agreement to promote the integration and continued employment of people with disabilities, and has set up a disability taskforce. It has undertaken to implement a number of actions in the short and medium term, including raising awareness among employees, providing support for people with disabilities, adapting workstations and recruiting staff.


    of people with disabilities


    of people with disabilities in the workforce in 2025*


    Gender equality

    Equality between men and women is a major challenge for society. Historically, women have been strongly represented in the textile sector. The Group’s ambition is to ensure equal opportunities and equal treatment for all its employees. We are committed to raising employee awareness through our ethics charter, and we guarantee equal pay and career opportunities regardless of gender.


    of senior executives are women*


    Parity among senior executives


    Safety and well-being at work

    The Group is committed to protecting the health and safety of every employee. Aware that employees feel more motivated at work when the employer takes their physical and mental well-being into consideration, it also puts in place measures to improve working conditions and encourage a balance between professional and personal life: support for parenthood, the possibility of remote warning, respect for the right to disconnect, a sports association, etc.

    6,2 years

    average length of service* in the company


    *Data from “DPEF 2022-2023”, excluding Caroll