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  • 1.1 Site publisher:

    ZAC de la Moinerie – 10, Impasse du Grand Jardin
    35400 SAINT-MALO
    Tél. : 02 99 19 98 98
    Fax : 02 99 19 98 97
    Forme sociale : Société Anonyme
    Capital social : 2.946.260 €
    RCS : SAINT MALO 391 164 092

    1.2 Site design / creation:

    DBM – De Bussac Multimédia
    44 Avenue des Etats-Unis
    63000 Clermont – Ferrand
    RCS CLERMONT FERRAND 859 200 511
    Tél. : (+33) 4 73 40 65 65

    1.3 Site hosting:

    KORBEN à partir de la plateforme Microsoft Azure
    RCS SAINT MALO 502 366 859
    Siège social : ZAC de la Moinerie – 10, Impasse du Grand Jardin 35400 SAINT-MALO

    1.4 Articles:

    Respect for privacy and personal data:

    Data is collected with the sole aim of establishing a commercial and professional relationship with customers. Personal data is kept by LE GROUPE BEAUMANOIR for a reasonable period. If someone does not fill in all the required information in the site forms (*Required fields), they cannot validate the form and will not therefore be put in contact with LE GROUPE BEAUMANOIR. The right of access and correction provided for in article 34 and following of the aforementioned law can be exercised by writing to: La Moinerie – 10 impasse du Grand Jardin CS 11887 35418 SAINT-MALO Cédex.

    Advice relating to security:

    To ensure its security and to guarantee its access to all, this website uses software to control flows on the site, to identify unauthorised attempts to connect or to change the information, or any other initiative that could cause other damage. Unauthorised attempts to upload information, the alteration of information aimed at causing damage and in general any infringement of the availability and integrity of the site are strictly forbidden and will be punishable under the Criminal Code. Thus article 323-1 of the Criminal Code provides that the fact of accessing or maintaining fraudulently, in whole or in part, an automated data processing system (as in the case of a website) is punished by two years’ imprisonment and a fine of 30 000 euros. Article 323-3 of the same Code provides that the fraudulent introduction of data into an automated processing system or the fraudulent removal or modification of the data contained therein shall be punishable by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75 000 euros.


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    We inform you that you can refuse the recording of these “cookies” by using a configuration option in your browser, using the methods detailed on the site

    Links to other sites

    On its site, LE GROUPE BEAUMANOIR offers links to third-party sites.

    LE GROUPE BEAUMANOIR cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites and the use that may be made of them by users.

    1.5 Copyright:

    (texts, photos, …)
    The photographs, texts, slogans, designs, images, videos, animated sequences with or without sound as well as all works integrated into the site are the property of Groupe Beaumanoir or of third parties having authorised Groupe Beaumanoir to use them.

    The logos, icons and graphics represented on the site are protected by copyright and by articles L.511.1 and following of the Intellectual Property Code relating to the protection of registered designs.

    Reproductions, on paper or in electronic form, of the said site and the works that are reproduced on it are authorised subject to them being strictly reserved for personal use excluding any use for the purposes of advertising and/or sales and/or information and/or that they are in accordance with the provisions of article L122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code.

    With the exception of the provisions above, any reproduction, representation, use or modification, by whatever procedure and whatever the medium, of all or part of the site, or all or part of the different works that make it up, without having obtained prior authorisation from Groupe Beaumanoir, is strictly forbidden and constitutes a counterfeiting offence and can give rise to civil and/or criminal proceedings and the payment of damages and interest.