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    Groupe Beaumanoir offers a powerful and dynamic partnership, resulting from a fruitful association between two entrepreneurs.

    On the one hand, Groupe Beaumanoir through its brands and concepts offers a structuring know-how as well as a series of effective services that meet the challenges of new forms of trading.

    On the other hand, the Affiliate offers a localised project in keeping with the specific character of the regional ready-to-wear market and ensures the implementation of the necessary human and financial resources.

    Between them, the partners bring together a set of qualities and skills that meet the requirements of a successful project.

    The skills and requirements that attract our partner entrepreneurs

    • Talent
    • A financial contribution
    • Time
    • Personal involvement
    • Ability to listen
    • Perseverance
    • Discipline

    It goes without saying that the partnership offered by Groupe Beaumanoir requires an appetite for trading and for customer contact. Either candidates already have some solid professional experience, or they show a real potential. The partnership contract also requires a good understanding of the trading dynamic of the town involved, as well as the ability to manage and integrate a well-established network.

    A good Affiliate is someone who embraces the demands of the brand they work for and who commits their skills and resources to the stakes and challenges that arise.

    A powerful and dynamic partnership

    On its side, Groupe Beaumanoir is committed to being a dynamic partner who, in order to build sustainable performance, does not hesitate to invest, innovate, explore and structure its services to the networks.

    What we usually say to someone who sets off on a new adventure is “Good luck”. And indeed there are many

    definitions of luck. But for us, luck doesn’t come by chance, and we don’t wish “chance” to the entrepreneurs. The definition that we prefer connects luck with meeting people. Luck is other people.

    So yes, may good meetings bring you good luck.