Affiliations and franchises

Jean louis MochampsOne day a friend asked me the following question: "In your view, what makes a good franchise?". He then added: "In my opinion, it is a system that works with whoever you place at the helm." As you can imagine, I do not agree.

Just imagine the Ferrari formula 1 team announcing that, since they believe they have the best car, they decide to randomly draw the name of their next driver from a list of candidates on the internet.

The human and managerial qualities required in the sales business are as important as the ability to invest in and manage a company. This means there are many requirements.

A good franchise operationsuch as that proposed by the Beaumanoir Group, is an economic model that requires capital and human investment in line with the potential gains that the business can generate.

Jean Louis Mochamps, 
Affiliation and Development Director

1,400 stores in France

The confidence of our Affiliated partners is illustrated by their loyalty. Loyalty going back 20 years for the first partners. This loyalty is also demonstrated by the renewed investment in the historic Cache Cache brand and the new brands within the Group: Bréal (2003), Scottage(2005), Bonobo (2006), and Morgan (2009). Altogether, this confidence has been renewed 1,500 times through the 1,500 stores opened in France since 1985, of which half by the 200 partners of the Group.
You too, in choosing one of our brands and becoming a partner of the Beaumanoir Group, can benefit from genuine development and expansion possibilities.

Long term partnership

The affiliation commission is a flexible formula that facilitates day-to-day business thanks to :

  • Financing of stock for the store
  • Daily supplies managed by a central hub that optimises the sales performance of the stores
  • Buy-back of left-over stock at the end of the season

Before the opening of your store

  • Project analysis by our department Development:
  • Validation of the location
  • Feasibility study
  • Setting up your project with our planning department
  • Creating definitve plans
  • Assistance and advice during the construction
  • Training your sales team

At the time of the opening

  • Support from your Regional Head during the opening: (merchandising, Store window, Installation of the till…)
  • Assistance of head office departments: (IT, logistics, marketing…)

After the store opens its doors

  • Supply of your point of sale:
  • A permanently renewed offering, new articles every week
  • Follow-up of good models, thanks to "short distribution channel" system
  • Daily deliveries and restocking under 48h (in France)
  • Precise management of your stocks and your selection
  • The operational life of your store:
  • Regular sales operations
  • Store windows updated every week (in France)
  • Effective merchandising techniques
  • Permanent sales support :
  • Daily follow-up of your point of sale by your regional head
  • Training for our tools and methods at head office, alongside operational in-store training
  • Optimum management, thanks to relevant follow-up tools

Affiliation application file 2012