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    Innovate for better fashion

    Bonobo is the responsible jeaner in the process of evolution.Combining fashion and eco-responsibility means working to preserve natural resources and in particular water, a real daily struggle!

    Choosing Bonobo means choosing a sustainable alternative to disposable fashion, and opting for more environmentally friendly practices.

    Responsible fashion

    Because Bonobo follows it’s instinct, it’s eco-responsible range consists of at least 50% sustainable materials for saved resources.

    Bonobo’s mission

    To offer an authentic jeans range
    and a price that is accessible for an optimistic
    and committed generation

    Bonobo is positioning itself as the committed
    and dedicated jeans designer.

    Bonobo is designing a “new kind of jeans” linked to values of respect and harmony between men, women and their environment

    The values of Bonobo





    389 shops in France and 11 shops globally

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