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    The lifestyle seduction brand.

    Seduction is an attitude, a continuous cycle of being at lunch, at after work gatherings with friends, into the night. Morgan makes an impression with its manoeuvres, body language, the way it carries itself, its energy.

    A strong style:

    A strong and modern identity: a silhouette in harmony with sensuality, rock charisma and glam details'!

    The mission of MORGAN

    Feeling seductive :
    allowing women to feel seductive

    A hypnotic style, a charismatic woman and iconic dressing

    From the working girl dress to the skinny style by way of second skin feel and pretty accessories: the must haves of Morgan outfits allow women to feel seductive.

    The values of Morgan

    sincerity & demanding nature


    boldness & agility


    166 sales points in France and 206 globally

    Morgan X Iris

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